Garni, Geghard, Symphony of Stones


Garni Temple – Geghard Monastery – The Gorge “Symphony of Stones”

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What to expect

Get ready to experience an astounding and peaceful environment with another private tour in Armenia. Yerani Travel offers two destinations that will take your heart away. These places are Garni Temple and the Geghard Monastery. Here are some exciting things about these places that will encourage you to visit these spots in Armenia.

 Garni Temple is the one Pagan temple in the post-Soviet area. It is unique, and you must also know that it is the sole heathen temple on the heights in front of the Azat river gorge. An interesting part of this temple is that it was the summer residence of the Armenian kings, and you can see its ruins now. Garni was also the Roman bath house made of various natural stones.

 In contrast, the Geghard monastery represents Armenia of the 13th century. The architecture of this golden era was alluring, which you can observe while in this monastery. The history of St. Geghard is outstanding with the representation of a famous lance used for the Roman Centurion. It pierced Jesus’ post-crucifixion and later moved to Armenia for five centuries in the Geghard monastery.

The last stip will be the gorge “Symphony of Stones”. Picture yourself standing amidst towering rock formations, meticulously arranged by nature over millions of years. This geological masterpiece, located in the stunning valley of Garni, presents a symphony of colors, textures, and shapes that will leave you speechless. From colossal basalt columns to intricate formations resembling a stone orchestra, every step unveils a new chapter of this captivating symphony.

During the tour you can also take a Lavash Baking Masterclass at additional cost. This is the perfect opportunity to delve into the secrets of this ancient and delicious Armenian flatbread.

The more things you will get to see when you visit the places. So travel Armenia with Yerani Travel and get many facilities. You can get the service of a guide or not. Similarly, the option of having an Armenian lunch is open to all. But if you do not want it, the choice is yours.

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Possible languages: English, Russian. In case the tour is organized in other language, changes of the prices are possible.

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